The International Society for Metal Music Studies offers three tiers of memberships for students or unwaged scholars, fully employed academics, and fully employed academics in the Global South (Central & South America, The Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and SE Asia). This tier for the Global South recognizes the lower wages and institutional resources for academics in these regions.

These memberships come with a year’s subscriber access to all issues of Metal Music Studies. After purchasing your membership, we will personally verify your account and shortly email you with directions on accessing the journal and other member benefits.

The mission of ISMMS is to encourage and facilitate trans/interdisciplinary and international academic research regarding processes and phenomena related to heavy metal music and culture and to support the recognition of such research as a significant contribution to academic communities. Sub-genres of heavy metal and related genres, e.g., hardcore punk, are included. ISMMS exists as a focal organization to establish metal music studies as a relevant and respected academic discipline and contribute to the growth of knowledge within the academic and music communities. These aims shall be accomplished through the development, organization and promotion of state of the art collaborations, publications, activities and events that demonstrate high standards and principles of academic excellence and the important purpose of this research around the world.

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