Metal and History w/ Peter Pichler

Since its earliest days, metal culture has had a deep connection with historical topics. Classic metal songs like Iron Maiden’s ‘Alexander the Great’ (about the historical figure) as well as ‘Invaders’ (dealing with the Nordic invasion of Britain in the middle ages) or Judas Priest’s ‘The Ripper’ (about ‘Jack the Ripper’) are meant to take their listeners back in time to earlier … Read more

Metal and Gender w/ Amanda DiGioia

When I entered the Tavastia Club in downtown Helsinki, I immediately noticed what appeared to be a mother-daughter duo watching the main act. During a brief chat, they confirmed that yes, they were mother and daughter, and were curious as to what I was doing in Finland. When I said that I wanted to do … Read more

Metal and Sexual Violence w/ Rosemary Lucy Hill

THE PROBLEM OF GIG GROPING, AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT Trigger warning: sexual violence It’s such a long time since I’ve been to a gig:  COVID-19 has significantly restricted the in-person live music scene. It makes me wistful for gigs past. But there are some things I don’t miss: that tall bloke always in front of me, sweaty hair in … Read more

Metal and Musicology w/ Lewis Kennedy

METAL AND MUSICOLOGY   Lewis Kennedy    Metal music studies is an academic field that draws upon and engages a variety of disciplines and methodologies, including musicology (incorporating music theory, ethnomusicology, composition, performance, production, reception, etc.). As a musicologist studying metal, I focus on music as the locus of meaning for metal culture. In other words, I consider music as … Read more

Extreme Sounds Studies – New Series

EXTREME SOUNDS STUDIES GLOBAL SOCIO-CULTURAL EXPLORATIONS A SERIES EDITED BY NIALL SCOTT, NELSON VARAS-DÍAZ, AND BRYAN BARDINE ABOUT THE SERIES: Music and sound do not take place in a social vacuum. They manifest themselves, and are a reflection of, particular social contexts. They are grounded in geographies, people’s lived experiences, and specific events. Therefore, when … Read more