CFP: Music and Social Conflicts – Zapruder World Introduction Music has often been described as a “soundtrack” for social conflicts. However, as recent scholarship has begun to demonstrate, music’s role within social movements and conflicts runs much deeper than just sonic representation. Indeed, in both its auditory and lyrical forms, music has played a multifaceted role within many social movements, conflicts, and … Read more

The Role of Rock and Heavy Metal Mothering w/ Joan Jocson and Julie Turley

SNARE DRUM AT MY WOMB: THE ROLE OF ROCK AND HEAVY METAL MOTHERING  Joan Jocson and Julie Turley   “After giving birth, I told the doctor I needed to leave the hospital for five hours. Our band was opening for Johnny Thunders. I think I was on an adrenaline rush.”   Cynthia, 67, B-Girls, Renegades, New York Junk     Musicking, a term first coined by professor-musician Christopher Small (1998), is the active way in which we take part in the creation of music and in establishing relationships with society–a form of engagement and meaning-making. While scholarly literature regarding popular culture … Read more

Metal and Whiteness w/ Julian Schaap

METAL AND WHITENESS Julian Schaap ‘Music brings people together,’ as the common saying goes. In reality however, it often seems to do so by sticking to the different groups we find in society. For example, when one ventures into a metal music concert, chances are that the audience members are overwhelmingly white (and very often … Read more

Thoughts on the 10th Anniversary of Metal Rules the Globe w/ Jeremy Wallach

THOUGHTS ON THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF METAL RULES THE GLOBE  Jeremy Wallach    According to major streaming companies’ market research, heavy metal is the most popular genre in the world.  Not only that, when the US market is subtracted from the total global market, metal’s popularity goes up.  It turns out a music genre that has been all but written … Read more

MMS101: Decoloniality w/ Nelson Varas-Diaz

DECOLONIAL METAL MUSIC IN LATIN AMERICA Nelson Varas-Díaz   “You want to make it sound like it came from a Latin American being,” said Luis, the lead singer of the Mexican band Acrania, as he explained why he integrated the trumpet and salsa arrangements into his death/thrash metal band. That encounter echoed many other experiences … Read more