Metal chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Music and Medievalism

The new Oxford Handbook on Music and Medievalism (eds. Stephen C. Meyer and Kirsten Yri) has a few chapters on rock and metal medievalisms: “Ramble On”: Medievalism as Nostalgic Practice in Led Zeppelin’s use of J. R. R. Tolkien [Caitlin Carlos]A Gothic Romance: Neomedieval Echoes of Fin’amor in Gothic and Doom Metal [Ross Hagen]Viking Metal [Simon Trafford] … Read more

New book chapter

A chapter about black metal was recently published in a new anthology.

Metal Music Studies Issue 6.1 Available Now!

Intellect is pleased to announce that Metal Music Studies 6.1 is now available! Articles include, ‘Glocalization, bricolage and black metal: Towards a music-centric youth culture simultaneously exemplifying the global and the glocal’, ‘From The Wicker Man (1973) to Atlantean Kodex: Extreme music, alternative identities and the invention of paganism’ and ‘From Bach to Helloween: ‘Teutonic’ … Read more