PhD scholarship related to creative music production at the University of Huddersfield

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Please note we have a PhD Scholarship in Creative Music Production just advertised at the University of Huddersfield. It is open to a range of research areas and approaches, and we particularly invite projects on metal music production.


Call for Applications

Creative Music Production Scholarship

The Department of Music and Humanities is pleased to invite applications for the Creative Music Production Scholarship and for full and partial fee-waiver bursaries for PhD studies starting in September 2020.

The scholarship and fee-waivers are open to applicants engaged in research on any aspect of creative music production. Projects may be practice-based with a reflective commentary, analytical, theoretical or empirical. Relevant topics might include but are not limited to:

  • creative practice in the studio,

  • sonic signatures,

  • the studio as instrument,

  • genre aesthetics,

  • trends in music production and marketing,

  • performance and collaboration in the studio,

  • the business of record production,

  • professional roles in the recording industry,

  • technological changes in music production and dissemination,

  • affordances of digital music production,

  • gender equality in music production,

  • teaching music production.

The scholarship and fee-waiver’s primary affiliation is within the Popular Music Studies Research Group (PMSRG) which is part of the Centre for Music, Culture and Identity (CMCI) ( The PMSRG is a hub for practice-based, practice-led and text-based research around popular music. It has a track record of international research events such as the ‘Practice Based and Led Popular Music Studies Research Symposium’ in 2017 and the ‘Crosstown Traffic Conference’, a joint event with academic societies specialised in the art of record production (ARP), popular music (IASPM), metal music (ISMMS) and electronic dance music (Dancecult), in 2018. The CMCI aims to support research in the art of record production as a developing and flourishing interdisciplinary field of study on practical and theoretical issues surrounding music production past, present and future. The Centre is committed to expanding industry links and supporting student enterprise in both solo and collaborative ventures.


The successful applicants can expect:

  • Full and partial waiver of tuition fees (the successful scholarship candidate receives full waiver)

  • £7,000 annual stipend – SCHOLARSHIP ONLY

  • Full-time PhD study, three years beginning in September 2020

  • Competitive scholarship and fee-waivers open to new UK, EU, and International PhD students

  • Supervision from internationally renowned staff

  • Opportunities for production work, publication, teaching experience, collaborative projects

  • Access to the ‘Teaching Assistant Preparation Programme’ (TAPP), which can lead to the qualification of Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

  • Access to additional financial support through the University’s Postgraduate Researcher Environment Development Fund (up to £2,000 per project) and the Postgraduate Support Fund of the School of Music, Humanities and Media (up to £800)

  • Successful candidate is required to be resident in/near Huddersfield during the scholarship


With over 100 students representing numerous fields of study and more than 20 nationalities, our postgraduate community is a vital, diverse and vibrant part of the department. The University is home to the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (, the British Music Collection ( and the Electric Spring Festival ( The University features one of the UK’s leading electronic music studios (, including a 24-track SSL-based recording studio, the SRIF-funded SPIRAL 25.4-channel digital spatialisation lab, one 8-channel studio, four 5.1 studios with video editing facilities, three stereo studios, an interactive sound lab and the 50-channel HISS (; expanded recently by a further 20 channels). All studios are equipped with top-of-the-line hardware, software and plug-ins, and we offer an impressive collection of industry-leading microphones and recording equipment, including a 26-track location recording setup with class-A preamps.


Additional information is available here:


How to apply

Closing date


14 February 2020


Applications should be accompanied by a proposal outlining the project, samples of written work, examples of creative production work or other products relevant to the scope of the scholarship. Please indicate clearly on the online application form that you are applying for the CMP Scholarship.



Professor Philip Thomas (Music and Music Technology Research Coordinator).

Dr Jan Herbst (Postgraduate Admissions Tutor, Music and Music Technology).

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