Elections for Communications Officer and Treasurer

The positions of Communications Officer and Treasurer on the ISMMS Executive Board will become available at the end of the current terms of Dr Ross Hagen (Communications Officer) and Dr Lewis Kennedy (Treasurer). We seek candidates to stand for the two positions in an election of the ISMMS membership, to serve terms of four years starting in January 2023.


The Communications Officer manages the communications of the Society, moderating the Facebook discussion group and other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and works closely with the Webmaster in overseeing web content. The role includes developing social media campaigns and forging links between ISMMS and other metal and academic media.

The Treasurer & Membership Officer is responsible for managing the finances of the organisation, including membership dues, accounts and transactions. The current Treasurer is available for a full handover process, and assures potential candidates that no prior experience is necessary. Any questions about the position can be addressed to l.kennedy@lcm.ac.uk.

Board members will be expected to attend all Board meetings (around six per year) to report on their areas of responsibility, and to participate in discussion and decision-making relating to the ISMMS organization and the field of Metal Music Studies.

Election procedure

Candidates must be current Members of ISMMS. New members are welcome to join, and lapsed members are encouraged to rejoin, if they wish to stand for a position or vote in the election. Current board members may stand for election/re-election.

To stand, send a Statement (1 page) outlining what you will bring to the role, and a CV (5 pages max) describing your relevant skills and experience, to owen.coggins@brunel.ac.uk. Candidates may stand for either Communications Officer or Treasurer but not both: please state clearly which position you are standing for. Members will view the Statement and CV for each candidate in a log-in section of the ISMMS website, where voting will also take place. References and other personal information are not required and should not be included.

We strongly encourage candidates representing historically marginalised and/or excluded communities, including but not limited to people of colour, women, LGBTQI+, disabled people, and those from the Global South. We also ask that members consider sharing this announcement with individual colleagues, and with relevant networks they’re aware of that may include individuals from these communities. Students and Independent Scholars are welcome to stand if they are current Members. Any questions about the election can be addressed to owen.coggins@brunel.ac.uk.


  • Monday 14 Nov 2022: Deadline for candidates to submit Statement (1 page) and CV (5 pages max) to ISMMS Secretary at owen.coggins@brunel.ac.uk.
  • Friday 18 Nov 2022: Statements and CVs for all candidates and voting information to be made available on ISMMS website, in a section accessible via member login. Announcement made on ISMMS website and via email to members.
  • Monday 5 Dec 2022: Final deadline for voting.
  • Friday 16 Dec 2022: Election results declared on ISMMS website and via email to members.
  • Sunday 1 Jan 2023: Successfully elected candidates begin four-year terms.

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