CFP: Women and feminine discourses in popular music and literature

by | May 26, 2020 | Call For Proposals


Editors of the academic journal „Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. Studia de Cultura” (ISSN 2083-7275, e-ISSN 2391-4432, DOI 10.24917/
20837275) invites you to publication in the next volume of the journal, entitled:
Women and feminine discourses in popular music and literature.

Suggested thematic areas:
1. Women and feminine discourses in popular music
• The work of pop, hip-hop, rock artists, etc.
• Feminist discourses in music media
• Representations and images of women in music videos
• Women’s bodies in stage rituals and media space
• Artists’ texts and voices
• Women’s (in)visibility in hip-hop, metal culture
• Stereotypes regarding the perception of women in music
• Performative practices of the artists
• Scandalous artists
• Groupies, Teenyboppers – current state and future directions of research
• Women and fan studies, women in subcultures

2. Women and feminine discourses in popular literature
• About gender, discourse, genre, style and text relations
• Women as writers, heroines and readers of popular literature
• Images and representations of (non) stereotypical femininity
• Feminist discourses in popular literature
• Outside the binary gender category – popular literature as a response to a social norm
• Contemporary methodological proposals in researching the relationship between
the category of femininity and popular literature

Thematic editors of the volume: dr Magdalena Stoch, dr Jakub Kosek

Studia de Cultura is an interdisciplinary academic quarterly, established in 2010, which publishes the latest research and discussions on new media, media culture,
information technologies, contemporary cultural practices and methods of their analysis. In the journal, you will find inspiring articles referring to broad cultural, social,
economic, historical, psychological and artistic contexts. We particularly encourage you to read texts on media education, psychology and dynamics of new media and
their convergence. A separate category includes innovative analyses of new genres, formats, aesthetics, poetics and intermedia conventions.

Please send your texts via the page of the journal Deadline: September 30, 2020.
The review process is carried out in the double blind review standard.

Detailed information on the standard for the preparation of the article (its structure, rules for preparing footnotes and bibliography) can be found on the website:
prof. zw. dr hab. Agnieszka Ogonowska

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