New Metal Music Studies Special Issue – Metal and the Holocaust

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Publications

The Metal Music Studies journal has a new special issue on Metal and the Holocaust, co-edited by Keith Kahn-Harris and Dominic Williams.  The table of contents is:

KISS: Jewishness, hard rock and the Holocaust
pp. 277-297(21)
Author: Stratton, Jon

From ‘The Fading’ to ‘Scream with Me Never Again!’: Shoah and Jewish identity in Israeli and US metal
pp. 299-318(20)
Author: Jackson, Itay

Embodying the Auschwitz Sonderkommando in extreme metal
pp. 319-336(18)
Author: Williams, Dominic

‘Auschwitz awaits’: Different readings on Sabaton’s ‘The Final Solution’ (2010) and the question of irony
pp. 337-357(21)
Author: Kopanski, Reinhard

The SS in heavy metal lyrics
pp. 359-374(16)
Author: Pieper, Henning

Affirmation and denial: Extreme right black metal and the Holocaust
pp. 375-393(19)
Authors: Langebach, Martin; Schulze, Christoph

Engaging with absence: Why is the Holocaust a ‘problem’ for metal?
pp. 395-414(20)
Author: Kahn-Harris, Keith

Book Review

Heavy: How Metal Changes the Way We See the World, Dan Franklin (2020)
pp. 415-420(6)
Author: Burke, David

Conference Review

ISMMS 2019: Locating Heavy Metal Music and Culture, Nantes, France, 17‐20 June 2019
pp. 421-430(10)
Author: Goossens, Didier

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