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by | Apr 26, 2021 | Announcements

Some exciting ISMMS announcements have us in good spirits!

Awhile back we advertised for a Webmaster position on the ISMMS Board, and we’re happy to say that we now have Dr. Steven Gamble of University College Cork in the position. Steve is the author of How Music Empowers: Listening to Modern Rap and Metal (Routledge 2021), and has published on modern metal breakdowns in Metal Music Studies and on prog metal band Karnivool in the  Journal on the Art of Record Production, among other things. He has quickly gotten to work on refashioning and updating things, so we are also happy to announce that…

We have a new website! That’s where you’re reading this very post. You’ll find some new goodies on this site, with links to our 2022 Mexico conference and a streamlined process to join ISMMS. The blog is updated to separate out MMS 101 posts from guest authors in metal music studies from Metal Methodology podcasts with our secretary Owen Coggins.

The most exciting feature is the return of the Metal Studies Bibliography, a searchable database of metal scholarship containing more than 2000 entries. We are very thankful to Amaranta Saguar García and Brian Arnold Hickam for all their hard work in making this resource available and keeping it updated. It’s going to be an invaluable resource for all of us!

Access to the journal can be found in the Members Area. If you subscribed on our old site within the last year, you’ll have received an email with instructions on reactivating your access, now with a more secure and streamlined system. If you have an expired membership or you want to sign up anew, please join us here! We’re going to be adding more and more perks for registered members over the next few months, so now’s a great time to become a member.

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